The most important thing I’ve learned in my two decades as a brand strategist, writer, and creative problem solver, is that you must live your "why" to create lasting momentum for your business. It’s difficult to keep that passion front and center as you juggle the day-to-day management of your business.

This is where I come in.


a creative Co-Conspirator Explained.

I’m a safe space, a sounding board, and a collaborator; someone to help you strategize, understand your place in the market, create useful products, and meaningfully connect with your customers.


Branding & Marketing Services

  • Campaign + Event Ideation

  • Website Copy

  • Writing + Editing

  • Marketing Operations

  • Brand + Product Positioning

  • Brand Messaging + Voice

  • Audience Personas

  • Content Strategy + Coaching

I collaborate with an amazing network of creatives - designers, web developers, writers, and marketers - who bring ideas to life.

Kim is a great strategic thinker, always taking the whole picture into consideration when making choices about a direction or initiative.
— Jennifer Spencer, The Creative Executive

PAst + Current Clients

TECHNOLOGY.   Onit • Inventus • LegalDecoder • TeXchange
REAL ESTATE.    Concierge Auctions • 1836 Property Management
HEALTH + WELLNESS.   Hill Country Apothecary •  SoulSparks • DermResearch
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES.    McGinnis Lochridge • Blue Heron Consulting • fd2s Inc.
COMMUNITY + LIFESTYLE.   TeacherSherpa • 121Giving • The Creative Executive
ARTS + CULTURE.   Christopher Taylor Timberlake Fine Art Jewelry