Naming your prison

It was a gorgeous, sunny morning on the loveliest outdoor patio in South Austin, Tom's Roasting Co. I was happily munching on a breakfast taco while congratulating myself on getting up early, avoiding the Austin traffic maelstrom, and finding a parking spot on South Congress without having a meltdown. You see, I had been wanting to come to a CreativeMornings event for months and May's FREEDOM theme was serendipitously perfect. The week prior I had worked my last day at a job I called home for the past 6 years, so when my alarm jolted me into consciousness that morning I said to myself, "no excuses Kim, you could use a little inspiration today." I needed to break through that wall of self-doubt, that epic crisis of confidence that terrorizes job searchers.

The speaker, Katie Ford of Truth Be Told, spoke of the anxiety surrounding working for herself and about the accompanying financial angst that never goes away. She spoke of prisons - both literal and metaphorical. She spoke of her personal prison: "the comfortable known, the reliable billable hour." She spoke of her volunteer work leading a journaling workshop at a women's prison and how being a witness to these women's stories had set her free. It was a moving, authentic and inspirational talk about being honest and fearless.

Is there an area of your life that imprisons you? It’s only when you can name your prison, that you can set yourself free.
— Katie Ford, Truth Be Told

Not to get all hippy-dippy on you, but have you ever had that experience of feeling totally and completely on the same wavelength with a group of people? Have you ever found yourself somewhere unexpected and the universe gives you exactly what you didn't know you needed? As creative people, we tend to exist out on existential limbs, and the end result is that many of us feel like islands. I know I do. Katie's talk left me feeling bolstered, brave and understood. The universe had given me a swift-yet-supportive kick in the a@#.

A week of "freedom" under my belt, I believe I can name my prison. But more on that later....

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