My Story



The backbone of any brand is story. So, what's mine? It's a tale of wanderlust and curiosity. 

You could say that I came out of the womb with a passport and my bags packed. Both real and imagined, I've inhabited many different places. Through reading, traveling, and a winding career, my journey has been an exercise in indulging my curiosity and seeking connection. 

Born in Kansas City, MO, I spent most all of my school-aged childhood in Albuquerque, NM. The eldest of five kids living in 'The Burque,' I lived a life of quiet, jet-setting sophistication - in my mind. The reality looked more like the Griswold clan, with clumsy misadventures, and lots of not blending in. In case you're wondering, yes - it included a cross-country-bound, wood-paneled station wagon. 

My first leap of independence sent me to the University of Kansas for an Advertising degree, then on to Chicago, the mecca of packaged goods advertising. My young dream of working my way through the agency ranks was extinguished after a series of horrid interviews. Round hole? Meet square peg. I knew then -although I couldn't eloquently explain what I knew- that I desired to spread my wings and embrace the unconventional, and that the strict social hierarchy of corporate life was not for me. So, I set off on a different route...a long, winding route.

My winding route took me through fine art, photography, entertainment, and publishing in Chicago, D.C., New York, London, and Austin, doing account management, photo editing, copywriting, retail brand and packaging development, a Masters degree in art history, design, and marketing. 

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.
— Steve Jobs

Looking back on my experience, what connects everything is a drive to eke more meaning out of life, to grow courageously, and to feed my hunger for ideas, creativity, and connection to the broader world.

The universe gave me a 'gift' of surprise unemployment in 2014. I've always dreamt of working for myself, but had been too afraid to initiate it on my own. Filled with the fuel of fear, hope, and audacity, I set off to create the work I wanted. A rectangle large enough for my square peg, with room to grow.

I believe in collaboration and co-creation, and story before tactics. And, asking 'what if.' 

What creative problems can I help you solve? Let's get started.