With over two decades in brand management, content, and digital marketing, I believe you must live your "why" to create real momentum for your business. Embracing the why -that passion that fueled your business on day one- is tough when you are juggling the day-to-day management of your business.

This is where I come in.


What's A Brand Co-Conspirator?

A safe space. A sounding board. A collaborator.
Someone to help you strategize, understand your place in the market, create amazing products, and meaningfully connect with your audience.


Branding & Marketing Services

  • Social Media Coaching
  • Website Copy 
  • Writing + Editing
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Campaign + Event Ideation
  • Brand Story
  • Brand + Product Positioning
  • Brand Messaging + Voice
  • Audience Personas
  • Content Strategy + Coaching

I conspire with an amazing network of creatives - designers, web developers, writers, and marketers - who bring ideas to life.

Kim is a great strategic thinker, always taking the whole picture into consideration when making choices about a direction or initiative.
— Jennifer Spencer, The Creative Executive

PAst + Current Clients

TECHNOLOGY.   Onit • Inventus • LegalDecoder • Engagency • TeXchange
HEALTH + WELLNESS.   Hill Country Apothecary • Recovery Force • SoulSparks • DermResearch
PROFESSIONAL SERVICES.    McGinnis Lochridge • World Millwork Association • Escalate Capital Partners
CULTURE, COMMUNITY + LIFESTYLE.   Granger Historical Archive • TeacherSherpa • 121Giving
• Concierge Auctions • Haven • The Un.Incubator • The Creative Executive